Important Notice to Our Android App Users

Unfortunately, Google has suspended our Play Store app. We’d like to offer an explanation, extend our apologies and, most importantly, help you keep making the most of your Shibari Study membership.

Everyone who signed up to Shibari Study through the Android app is going to lose access to our content by 23 June 2024. We did everything we could to stick to Google’s community guidelines and to appeal their decision that our content is inappropriate but despite our best efforts, they’ve remained unbudging on their decision to deplatform us.

We would like to sincerely apologize to you for any confusion or inconvenience that this has caused.

Therefore, we're offering a sign-in only app (called APK, short for Android Package) for our users to continue enjoying our content. Please follow these steps on how to access the new app.

Note: If you already have the original Android app on your device, no need to follow all these steps or delete it! While you can no longer manage your membership from the app or download it from the Google Play Store, you can sign up for a membership here, and still sign in with those credentials.

Step 1 Screenshot

Step 1

Download the APK from the button below. Make sure you're using an Android device. Tap "Download Anyway" when being prompted.

Download APK
Step 2 Screenshot

Step 2

Navigate to your Downloads, and click on the downloaded APK file starting in "assets...". Open it with the "Android Package Installer".

Step 3 Screenshot

Step 3

Tap on "Settings", then toggle the switch under "My Files" to be activated.

Step 4 Screenshot

Step 4

You are then prompted to "Install". Tap on it, wait until the installation is complete, and then tap on "Open".

Step 5 Screenshot

Step 5

Tap on "Allow Notifications", if you don't want to miss new releases or live streams. Then tap on "Already have an account?" to get to the sign-in window.

If you don't have an account yet, sign up for a membership here.

Step 6 Screenshot

Step 6

Sign in with your email and password and you're in. Happy tying!

That's it!

Hope this tutorial helped you to get back the original Shibari Study Android app experience. If you have any questions or difficulties, kindly reach out to