Scholarship Program

Our guiding ethos is that Shibari is for every body – and every budget!

In our mission to make a world-class Shibari education accessible, a big part of reaching that goal is to recognize that we’re not all starting out in the same place: we all have different skill sets, bodies, backgrounds, needs and levels of privilege. We all experience ups and downs and many of us experience cultural, systemic or institutional challenges. If this resonates with you, and we can support your learning, we would be happy to discuss with you, based on individual situations, how we can make our content more accessible to you. As this will be a personal scholarship, we ask you to email us at with some information about yourself so that we can understand your situation a bit better and find the best way to support you. Applications are considered on a case-by-case basis and awarded according to need, so please allow a few days to hear back from us.