Level Guide

The level filter is helpful to find classes adequate to your skills and to decide whether you should be practicing a certain exercise. Our classes are ranked by the minimum level required, which means that a class is also suitable for any higher skill level than the one suggested.

It is quite difficult to agree on what levels truly mean when it comes to Shibari as it may vary according to the type of Shibari you are practicing, for example you might be very advanced with floor-play and a total beginner with suspensions. For this reason, our level guide is based on autonomy and skills, so it can be applied to all types of rope play. 

Our level filter is only a basic guide to help you navigate our content and assess the general difficulty of a class. You should always primarily rely on your better judgment before trying to perform a new exercise. You are responsible for evaluating your skills honestly and realistically. All levels can be applied to Floor Play, Harnesses and Suspension. 


Minimum of no experience, skills or autonomy at all when practicing an exercise
Up to basic skills but low confidence and no autonomy when practicing an exercise  


Minimum of fairly confident skills and semi-autonomy when repeating a simple familiar exercise  
Up to very confident skills and semi-autonomy when practicing a simple new exercise 


Minimum of fairly confident skills and semi-autonomy when repeating a difficult familiar exercise 
Up to very confident skills and ability to adapt autonomously when practicing a difficult new exercise


Minimum of very confident and fully autonomous skills when practicing any complex new exercise 
Up to total technical autonomy and ability to design your own patterns or complex sequences successfully