Getting Started on Shibari Study

How long is the free trial?

The free trial for a Shibari Study membership is seven days. On the eighth day, you will be charged a recurrent fee applicable to your selected Membership Plan. If you’ve signed up for a Monthly Plan, your payments will recur on the same day of every month. For example, if your first payment is on the 22nd of the month, your auto-renewal will remain on the 22nd for every subsequent billing. If you’ve subscribed to a Quarterly Plan, your payments will recur on the same day of every quarter (every three months). If you’ve subscribed to an Annual Plan, your payment will recur on the same day of each year. If you don’t cancel your free trial, you will be charged on the eighth day of your membership and will be able to cancel your payment for the next billing cycle only. Please be sure to cancel your membership before the free trial expires, if you don’t wish to stay subscribed. To check what day you will be billed on, head to your profile's ‘Billing’ section.

What currency are the prices?

All Shibari Study membership prices are billed in USD (United States Dollars).

Can I purchase a gift subscription for someone else?

Yes! After choosing a membership plan, you will see the option to 'Buy as a gift' instead of creating an account for yourself. To redeem a gift card, select 'Have a gift card?' below all membership plan options.

How can I apply for the Shibari Study Scholarship Program?

We understand that some prospective members experience cultural, systemic or institutional challenges that may prevent them from having the financial means to join Shibari Study. If you’re interested in applying for a scholarship, please find further information here and email us at scholarship@shibaristudy.com.

Where can I download the Shibari Study app?

The Shibari Study app can be downloaded here for Apple iOS and here for Android.

Why can't I redeem coupon codes in the app?

Unfortunately, coupon codes cannot be redeemed via in-app purchases as these payments are processed by a different system. However, your coupon code should still be redeemable via desktop or mobile browser.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel or change your membership at any time in your profile’s ‘Billing’ settings when clicking on 'Change Plan'. Your credit card will not be charged from the next billing cycle. After canceling your account, you’ll be able to access Shibari Study until the last day of your billing cycle, but will not receive a refund for the current cycle. For example, if you were billed on the 22nd of every month and choose to cancel your subscription on the 12th, you’ll still have access to Shibari Study through to the 21st of that month.

If you bought an in-app subscription with Google or Apple, you can manage them in your device/account settings. (Here’s more information about viewing or canceling in-app subscriptions on Google and Apple.)

About the Tutorials

How often are new classes released?

Between live classes and regular video tutorials, you can expect to see new content on Shibari Study every week. At present, we stream one live class per week with replays available for a month – you can find the live class schedule here, replays here and all our latest tutorial releases here.

I have trouble playing the captions – what can I do?

Sometimes the video player can get stuck on one language and doesn't switch automatically between languages. Try refreshing the page after selecting the language you want for the captions and it should work fine! We are currently working on resolving this issue.

How can I save or 'favorite' a class?

There is an 'Add to favorites' button underneath the video on the left for each tutorial. Click this or, alternatively, tap the heart on the app to add a class to your favorites and a new section called 'Favorites' will be generated on your Shibari Study home screen for easy access to all your saved classes.

How can I comment on classes?

Next to the ‘About’ tab for each tutorial (above the class description), you will see a 'Comment' tab – simply click through and join the discussion.

Is Shibari Study available offline?

We are very happy to be able to offer offline functionality via the Shibari Study app. The app can be used to download specific classes in order to be able to access them offline at a later stage, making tying anywhere that much easier.

About my Practice

How do I treat and maintain my rope kit?

After purchasing your beautiful new set of Shibari ropes, you may want to learn how to take care of them so that they stay pleasant to use for both you and your partner(s). Luckily, our friends at Anatomie developed this guide to treating your ropes in six easy steps as well as the following tips for caring for and maintaining your Anatomie ropes.

Should I use 5mm or 6mm rope?

The most common thickness for Shibari rope is 6mm and the minimum we would advise to use for suspensions. In some cases, 5mm or even 4mm can be a good choice, for example, if using rope for accents (like hair, toes, hands, face, or intricate lacing), if the person being tied is very petite or if you are using rope for floor play only.

What safety equipment do I need?

Please consult our free General Rope Safety course for an overview. An understanding of these safety aspects is essential before starting your Shibari practice.

Starting from Zero on Shibari Study

Where can I buy ropes and safety gear?

Visit our Rope Shop page to learn more about our partnership with Anatomie Studio.

Should I play the videos in a certain order?

Yes, follow the Beginner course in the order it is displayed.

I am a solo practitioner – are the classes suitable for self-tying?

We are always working on increasing our offering for self-tying, however, plenty of our content can be adapted to solo practice and many of our members are avid self-tyers. We encourage a 'Shibari is like LEGO but with rope!' philosophy to learning rope bondage. Grasp the fundamental mechanics and just about every pattern offers infinite variations for different looks or purposes – including for self-tying. In addition, there are some tricks you can use to mimic tying a model for some ties – check out our No Model, No Problem video, which is freely available on our YouTube channel, for practical tips and inspiration.

Once I am done with all the classes in the Beginner Course, what classes should I study?

Once you’re comfortable with the basics, you can move on to Floor Play and Harnesses. We advocate for a 'low and slow' integration method when learning Shibari – take your time mastering the basics, watch classes in full before attempting them yourself, and always keep your personal skill set in mind when trying something new.

About the Discord Community

How do I join the Discord community?

To join the Shibari Study Discord community, you create a Discord account, either by registering on discord.com or downloading the app from the App Store (iOS) or on Google Play (Android). Once you have registered for Discord, you can join our server here. If you aren't sure what to do next, you can find full details on how to join on our website here.

Help, I have problems verifying my Discord account!

When you join the Discord server, we’ll first verify that you have an active Shibari Study subscription. This is done using the email on your Shibari Study account, so if you joined via the Shibari Study App, please make sure you have added your email address. If you have any issues verifying, please message @shibaristudy on Discord and we can help you.

What can I do in the Discord community?

The community is a place for learning and sharing ideas and experiences, not just from Shibari Study instructors but also from each other. We now also offer the possibility to invite your rope partner/s to the Discord, as well as early notice of upcoming class releases and Instructor Rope Office Hours, where you can ask Shibari Study instructors anything you like about their tutorials or gain insights from their practice and experience. Our website has a full list of Discord features here.

Can I invite my partner?

Yes, yes, yes! And not just one partner either… Our new ‘Invite Your Partner’ feature allows you to bring TWO partners along to the Discord, as we recognize that many of our community members have various rope relationships (and it didn't seem fair to force you to choose just one of your rope partners).

Getting in Touch

Help, I’m experiencing technical difficulties!

If you're experiencing any technical difficulties with our website and service, please contact us at tech@shibaristudy.com.

I’d like to apply for the scholarship.

Reach out to us at scholarship@shibaristudy.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

There’s something else I’d like to ask!

Message us with your rope-related questions, collaborations, and other requests at contact@shibaristudy.com and we'll do our best to answer quickly.