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What you need know about Bondage – expert advice on how to get started

Movies like Fifty Shades of Grey has shed a softer light on the subject and peeked the curiosity of those seeking sexual adventure. However, it’s not a sexual practise you want to enter blindly. It’s not like trying a new sex position. If you’re serious about exploring this practice we’ve asked Marika Leila Roux, who’s a sex expert and chief executive of Shibari Study, to share some tips and advice for first-timers. Read more

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Shibari Is a Sex Practice That’s a Lot Like Bondage—but Better

Allow me to introduce you to BDSM’s sort of similar cousin shibari. You may know it as Japanese rope bondage or by the term “kinbaku,” but it’s a contemporary form of rope bondage that originated in Japan. Read more

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What to Know About Shibari, the Art of Japanese Rope Bondage

Sydona recommends Shibari Study, which is an online, subscription-based, anthology of classes and tutorials for all levels, taught by internationally renowned Shibari experts. Read more

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What is BDSM? An expert guide to BDSM sex for beginners

Marika says, “I cannot stress enough the importance of thoroughly educating yourself about consent and negotiations and making sure that your partners are sufficiently informed as well before engaging in any intimate activity involving power-exchange. Each partnership and context is different, and the methods used to negotiate and navigate a session consensually should be adapted to their unique needs and dynamics." Read more


What is Shibari or Kinbaku? Everything you need to know about BDSM rope play

Marika Leila Roux, co-founder and creative director of Shibari Study, who offer Shibari classes, says "Shibari is a way of communicating through rope and that makes it magical. It’s not just about memorising certain patterns or knots; instead, shibari allows you to use things like how you handle your rope and different ways of using speed, tension and tempo to create different sensations and even emotions for your partner (or yourself)." She says that using rope in a way that’s playful, sensual, tender and a little challenging can help us examine our needs, desires and intentions as well as those of our partners. Read more

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Total Health: Marika Leila Roux of Shibari Study On How We Can Optimize Our Mental, Physical, Emotional, & Spiritual Wellbeing

I had the pleasure of interviewing Marika Leila Roux, Co-Founder of Shibari Study. With more than a decade of Shibari experience behind her, both as a rigger and model, Marika (aka Gorgone) is one of the most authoritative voices in Western Shibari today. Co-founder of Shibari Study, she was the first instructor on the site. She also serves as a content manager and creative director of the company, as well as being the spokesperson and “face” of the brand. Read more

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Local Kink Enthusiasts Say TikTok Is Getting It All Wrong

“Education is critical for BDSM,” says Sage, a representative of Shibari Study. “We have seen time and time again how miseducation and lack of education can create an environment for greater mistakes to be made.” Read more


Tied up? Feeling restrained? Want to be? There’s an app for that

Shibari Study, the leader in online rope education, today announces its expansion into the United States with a new consumer mobile app aimed at helping individuals virtually learn and practice the art of Japanese rope bondage at home, solo or with a partner. The official launch builds off a successful beta period where the company grew its subscriber base 500 percent, unveiled new content for all levels, hired new trainers and incorporated livestream capabilities to its offerings. Read more


Kinky & Creative: Learn the Art of Shibari Bondage in Berlin

Shibari Study is an online subscription service that is “dedicated to making high-quality rope education available and affordable to anyone interested in learning the art of Shibari.” They offer courses for all levels (so they’re perfect for beginning your Shibari journey) and also sell ropes in collaboration with Anatomie Studio. Their courses focus on aesthetics and power-exchange seriously increasing the sex appeal. Read more