Social Rope

A rigger and bottom are tying a shibari suspension with hair rope on a pink background.
8 min read

Shibari Community And Rope Jam Etiquette

Co-owner of Singapore-based rope bondage studio That Rope Place, Rosa Canina shares her tips for making the right impression at your first rope jam.

Rosa Canina
A pair of hands is tied in a double-column tie on a green background and a close-up of shibari rope.
7 min read

How To Start Your Rope Bondage Journey

Ready or knot? If you’re looking to learn shibari and don't know where (or how) to begin, read on…

The lower half of a woman's face is depicted with shibari rope close to her.
7 min read

Consent Frameworks Explained: S.S.C., R.A.C.K. & P.R.I.C.K.

Because there’s more to consent in kink than ‘yes’ and ‘no’, these popular BDSM tenets offer consent frameworks for better play.

Aria Vega
A bag with Shibari rope bundles, safety shears, and a suspension ring against a pink background.
12 min read

What’s In My Rope Bag?

What are your rope kit essentials? Insights into the equipment members of the Shibari Study Discord community bring to tying sessions, rope events and social jams.

Mo Bights