People and perspectives from the rope community

A rigger and bottom are tying a shibari suspension with hair rope on a pink background.
8 min read

Shibari Community And Rope Jam Etiquette

Co-owner of Singapore-based rope bondage studio That Rope Place, Rosa Canina shares her tips for making the right impression at your first rope jam.

Rosa Canina
A bag with Shibari rope bundles, safety shears, and a suspension ring against a pink background.
12 min read

What’s In My Rope Bag?

What are your rope kit essentials? Insights into the equipment members of the Shibari Study Discord community bring to tying sessions, rope events and social jams.

Mo Bights
A woman's upper torso is wrapped in rope and flowers with the Shibari Study logo replacing her head.
12 min read

Who We Are: The Shibari Study Team

The people bringing Shibari Study to your screens, scenes and wherever else being a rope nerd finds you.

Shibari Study Team