Culture & Kink

Exploring kink culture in ropes and beyond

A Japanese woman wearing a kimono is sitting on an oversized hand and bound by shibari rope.
8 min read

Introduction To Shibari: A Brief Explainer

What is shibari and why do people do it? If you’re ready to start wrapping your head around this increasingly popular type of rope bondage, keep reading...

Ena Dahl
The lower half of a woman's face is depicted with shibari rope close to her.
7 min read

Consent Frameworks Explained: S.S.C., R.A.C.K. & P.R.I.C.K.

Because there’s more to consent in kink than ‘yes’ and ‘no’, these popular BDSM tenets offer consent frameworks for better play.

Aria Vega
Two hands are connected by shibari rope against a purple background.
6 min read

Is Kink Political?

A brief explainer about the intersection of the personal and the political in terms of kink, BDSM and cultural norms.

Aria Vega